"Hey Aaron, Keep up the good work!"
Benny G. Houston, TX

"You are the Cake Master."
Tammy F. New Orleans, LA

"Any cake made by Glapion will not disappoint! Very creative and also delicious!"   
Sandi W. Houston, TX

“I appreciate your hard work, the design of my cake was unique and everyone loved
it.”  Brittnay S.  Katy, TX

“Glapion Cake Designs are created to uniquely portray and individual’s
personality.  That is what makes the cakes so special.  I was completely satisfied with
the finished product.  Thanks!”
Diana C.. Houston, TX

“My daughter’s cake tasted as good as it looked.”
Curtis D. Houston, TX

“My 6 yr old son was amazed with his cake, he didn't’t want cut into it.  We
refrigerated his caked for 3 days, before he let us cut it…lol.”
Michael S. Houston, TX

“We saved our top part of or wheelchair in the freezer.  When I approached Glapion
for a Get Well Cake, I never dreamed it would be a wheelchair.  I was amazed at the
workmanship.  And it tasted good.  Thanks Glapion.”
Sylvia & Leo B. San Francisco, CA

“Glapion, I had no idea you were creative in your cake designs.  I would love to work
with you.”
Cindy C.  Spring, TX

“The almond cake Glapion made for my son’s birthday was not only delicious, but
the design was perfect for the occasion.  Our guests left the party raving about the
cake with plenty to take home with them.  Our family will never look anywhere else
for cakes besides Glapion Cake Designs for our future needs.”

“I’ve tasted cakes by Glapion and they’re phenomenal and exquisite in both taste
and profile.”
Ike N. Houston, TX

“The cake was not only beautiful, it was very delicious – a major hit at my party.
Nia C. Pasadena, CA

“Perfect balance of beauty and taste."
Ricky B. Houston, TX

“I love the fascinating, and unique designs cascading with flavor and brilliance with
every bite.  I find myself searching for events just to get another cake.”
Alaina, Houston, TX

“I had the pleasure of tasting a very unique cake.  It was in the shape of an entrée
that is served at a restaurant.  The creativity was beyond words as the texture and
icing of the cake followed.  I’m excited to see that level of creation my taste buds will
be taken to next.  Thanks.”
Tiffany C. Houston, TX

"Aaron, I'm so excited for you, love all the cake pics Misha sent to me. You've
inspired me to take up baking when she comes home next month."
Eire C. Dallas, TX

"OMG. U have great talent. Daaammm ur good!"
Kimberly J. Houston TX

"We have another reunion and we'll have to have Glap hook up a bug ol' Cougar
band cake."
William M. New Orleans, LA

"Holy are like the Ace of Cakes!!!"
Nicki H. Houston TX